Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

3 Tips For Getting Your Attorney To Call You Back

by Susie Torres

Your attorney is a very busy individual, and sometimes it can seem next to impossible to get a hold of your attorney. If you are struggling to get a hold of your attorney, try out one of the tips below.

1. Only Call When You Have Important Matters To Discuss

For your lawyer, time really is money. Every minute they spend on the phone with clients is time that they are not spending moving their cases forward. If you call your attorney everyday with non-essential questions, eventually your attorney is not going to consider your calls urgent. 

The best way to ensure that your attorney returns your phone calls is by respecting their time. If your attorney knows that you only call and ask to speak with them when you have important information to convey or important questions to ask, your attorney is more likely to prioritize calling you back over a client who calls every day with non-essential questions. 

2. For Procedural Questions, Talk To Your Attorney's Paralegal

Another way to get the answers that you need is by talking to your attorney's paralegal instead of your attorney. Your attorney's paralegal works side-by-side with them on their cases. They are on top of all the procedural issues for their attorney's cases.

Their paralegal can easily answer any questions you have about how the process of your lawsuit works. Their paralegal can also answer questions about when or if motions have been filed and about other court activity. They can also provide you with a status update on your lawsuit. 

3. Remember To Mind Your Manners

Going through the process for a personal injury lawsuit can be emotional and draining. However, that is not an excuse to be rude to whomever answers the phone at your lawyer's office. 

If you call your lawyer's office, and go-off on whomever answers the phone, there is a good chance your lawyer will not want to call you back and may not even want to continue working with you. However, if you are always polite and courteous when you call your lawyer's office, your lawyer and their paralegal are more likely to want to call you back and help you out. 

If you really need to speak with your attorney on the phone, make sure you respect their time and only ask for your attorney to specifically call you back regarding important matters. Remember that their paralegal is perfectly equipped to answer most of your questions. Finally, using your manners and being polite, just like in other areas of life, goes a long ways.

However, if you feel that your attorney is not giving your case the attention it deserves, then look for a new one at a firm like McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C.


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