Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case: What You Need To Know When You Go To The Doctor

by Susie Torres

Going to the doctor will be the most crucial part of building your personal injury case. Your attorney will rely heavily upon the doctor's notes to prove that you were injured to the severity that you claim. The defendant's lawyer will also use these notes to try and discredit you, so it's important to have all of your bases covered when you go to the doctor. The following are some tips that will make your visit to the doctor work in your favor and strengthen your case.

See Medical Attention Immediately 

It is crucial that you see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. This will add validity to your claim that you have been injured severely enough to require medical compensation from the defendant. The longer the plaintiff waits to go to the doctor, the less believable his or her pain will be. Insurance companies and the defense attorney will wonder why you didn't see a doctor sooner if you were really suffering. 

Get a Letter of Protection 

A letter of protection is a statement written by your attorney guaranteeing the doctors' offices that they will receive payment from the settlement money. This will prevent you from having to pay medical bills before the case is settled. Not all doctors accept letters of protection, however. Make sure you check with the office when you call to make your appointment.

Be Proactive 

Do everything you can to make sure your injuries are thoroughly documented by the doctor. Be totally upfront and honest about how long you've been experiencing any pain or other symptoms. The defense attorney and insurance company will be looking for inconsistencies in your story. It is a good idea to write a note for the doctor beforehand that includes all of the details regarding your injuries and the pain they have caused. The doctor will be able to keep this note on file and it will be included in the case.

It is also important that you are proactive in adhering to the treatment plan laid out by the doctor. Prove that you are doing everything you can to heal quickly. Ask any questions you have regarding any aspect of your treatment plan to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do. If you fail to follow the treatment plan exactly, it will look like your injuries were not as serious as you claimed. Take all medications as prescribed to you.  

Don't Forget to Include a Discussion on Mental Health 

When visiting the doctor, people often assume that they should only report pain from visible injuries. But many accidents that lead to personal injury can also cause a great deal of emotional trauma and could lead to depression and anxiety. It is important that you also discuss your mental health with your doctor; if necessary, the doctor can prescribe therapy. If properly documented and deemed necessary, you can receive compensation for therapy.  

Be smart and proactive when it comes to building your personal injury case. When you act with urgency and consistency in your documentation and your doctors' visits, it will be easier to prove that you have been injured and deserve compensation. Click here for more information.


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