Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Proving A Truck Driver Was At Fault For A Vehicular Accident

by Susie Torres

If you were recently involved in an accident that occurred because of a truck driver's negligent maneuvers on the roadway, you may want to hire an attorney to help you prove their fault in an attempt to receive compensation through their employer. The cost of medical expenses and repair to your vehicle can be high, making it necessary to take the following steps in an attempt prove you were not the reasoning for the occurrence. Here are some steps one can take to help prove a truck accident was caused by a trucker's poor driving skills.

Contact The Trucking Company To Alert Them Of The Situation

After the accident occurs, it is important to call the trucking company the driver works for to alert them of their poor choices on the road. They will document your call and it will show you had concern about why the accident happened. This will be looked at favorably should the incident go into a courtroom situation as it shows you were willing to work out a deal. The company will be aware there may be a problem brewing regarding compensation and they may offer a settlement sooner in an attempt to avoid court. This will then need to be contemplated by you with your attorney to decide if you wish to press issues further.

Obtain Witness Verification To Help Build Your Case

It is important to retain as many witnesses as possible to help prove the truck driver was the reasoning for the accident that occurred. After the accident, find out if there is any footage of the roadway via street cameras or personal video. Track down license plate numbers with help from your attorney to see if motorists in the area at the time of the accident had seen anything pertinent to your case. They can write statements to be shown to the trucking company in an attempt to have them pay for any costs you had incurred because of the accident.

Get Physical Evidence To Prove Who Was At Fault

Your attorney will request that the trucking company prove the driver who had caused the accident had the proper credentials to be behind the wheel. If this documentation is not provided, it will be in your favor that the accident was caused due to inadequate training procedures. Take plenty of photographs of the scene of the accident to help show that the truck driver was in the wrong in how they handled their vehicle. Photos of your vehicle will also be useful in proving exactly which direction it was struck in an attempt to show the trucker was at fault. Your medical documentation should also be accessible to show the extent of any injuries as it will help prove you did not sustain these problems due to your own actions. Contact a law firm, such as The Jaklitsch Law Group, for more information.   


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