Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Trying To Get Workers Comp For PTSD

by Susie Torres

Traumatic events impact people around the world every day, and many of them make it difficult to return to work. When you suffer from PTSD, you might want to claim workers compensation temporarily to get your life sorted out. However, it's not always possible. Here's what you need to know.

Understanding PTSD And Workers Comp

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a condition that occurs after you experience a traumatic and emotionally devastating situation. It can cause a variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and even "flashbacks" to when the incident occurred.

However, for your PTSD to make you eligible for workers comp, the incident must have occurred on the job site. If you experienced a traumatic incident off-site and developed PTSD, you cannot receive workers comp for it.

Ways You Can Get PTSD At Work

Typically, claims of PTSD are going to be easier in a job where you run a higher risk of running into severe and dangerous situations. For example, if you are a fireman, PTSD may occur if a building collapses on you and you survive or if you were unable to save somebody in time. Policemen also experience this disorder, as do health workers who watch a person die in front of them.

If you don't work in conditions like this, it might still be possible to claim that you have PTSD from workplace bullying. You're going to have to show that the workplace bullying is severe enough to impact your mental health and performance. This is going to be difficult, but it is possible.

Proving Your Case

It is very difficult to prove you suffered PTSD at the workplace, especially in cases of workplace bullying. You might find insurance agents following you around and investigating your personal life to gauge whether or not your claim has any merit. You might have your criminal history and credit report checked, as well as your mental health history.

Proving PTSD requires getting a mental health specialist to diagnose and treat you for the condition. They will have to discuss your symptoms and illustrate why they are PTSD and how they were caused at work. Other evidence accepted includes testimony from co-workers who can express the reality of your work-based PTSD.

It's worth knowing that even if you don't qualify for workers compensation for PTSD, you might be able to get social security benefits for it and quit your job. The problem here is that you are leaving your career and receiving less money than you would have if you continued working.

It may be necessary for extreme cases, but typically workers compensation can help you temporarily while you take care of your problem and get back on your feet and back to work.

So if you think you qualify for workers compensation for PTSD, talk to a personal injury lawyer like Shoap Law Offices right away. They can help you sort through your options and find the best compensation package for your personal needs.


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