Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Two Signs That Your Parents May Be Experiencing Nursing Home Neglect

by Susie Torres

If your parents are currently in a nursing home, their well-being is likely at the top of your list of priorities.  When you see them, you may go out of your way to notice the more overt signs of abuse so that you can handle it.  However, even if your parents appear to be doing well, they could still be experiencing neglect.  That's why it's important to pay attention to the symptoms.  Use this information to learn about two signs that your parents may be experiencing neglect at their nursing home.  

The Bed Sheets Aren't Clean

One of the first signs that your parents may be dealing with neglect is constantly soiled bed sheets.  This indicator is easy to overlook, especially if one or both of your parents happens to be lying down each time you visit them.

Make it your business to check the sheets with every visit.  If you run your hand beneath your parent and find that the sheets are damp, or you notice stains on the bedding, it may be a sign that the sheets aren't being changed on a consistent basis.  You can perform your own test by arranging the fitted bed sheet in a unique way to see if it will be just like that upon your next visit.  If it is, you may be dealing with a neglect issue that needs to be handled on a legal level.

Your Parents Constantly Ask For Meals

Another sign that neglect could be an issue is when your parents constantly ask for meals when you arrive.  At many nursing homes, food is delivered to each room or apartment at the same times each day.  This gives the residents a sense of consistency.  However, if the meals aren't coming on schedule, your parents may be dealing with malnutrition as they wait for their next meal.

Always ask your parents what they had to eat that day.  Depending on which time you arrive, ask about breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If they aren't able to tell you what they had, or if they immediately talk about how hungry they are, you may need to have a conversation with the staff so you can get a hard and fast outline for when meals are delivered.

Making sure that your parents are receiving the highest level of care while in the nursing home is just another way to show that you care.  If these tips cause you to suspect that nursing home neglect is happening, contact an attorney right away, like Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC, so you can get the professional assistance that you need.


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