Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Reasons That Cycling In A Group Is A Smart Move

by Susie Torres

While you might like to occasionally get out on your bicycle by yourself as a way to blow off some steam, it's generally a good idea to go bicycling in a group. Doing so provides lots of camaraderie, but there are far more important reasons to hit the road with some other cycling enthusiasts. The size of the group doesn't matter — even riding with a couple of other cyclists can be a good decision. Here are some reasons that riding your bicycle in a group is a smart move.

You're More Visible

When you're on your bicycle, you always need to be aware of the risks that are around you. Cycling is an effective way of getting around, but it can be dangerous — especially when you're sharing the road with motorists who may occasionally be distracted, ignore traffic laws, and drive faster than the speed limit. Alone, a car or truck may not see you and could hit you by accident. However, when you're riding as part of a group, you're collectively much more visible. This makes the likelihood of being in an accident significantly less.

You'll Have Witnesses

You hope that you never end up in a collision with a vehicle when you're on your bike, but this is something that can happen in the blink of an eye. If you are hurt in a collision and you feel that the motorist was to blame, legal action with the help of a bicycle accident attorney will be advisable. To strengthen your case, you'll need witnesses who can attest to the nature of the collision between the vehicle and your bicycle. When riding alone, it may be difficult to gather any witnesses. When you ride in a group, however, you'll have a number of people who will be able to report what happened.

There's Less Chance Of A Successful Hit And Run

Collisions between vehicles and bicycles can often be of the hit-and-run variety. Whether the vehicle wasn't even aware of hitting you, or he or she tried to get away to avoid the consequences, this is a problematic situation for you. If you can't identify who hit you, you can't take legal action against this driver. When you ride in a group, a successful hit and run is more difficult because the group can almost certainly get the vehicle's license plate and a description of the driver to pass along to the authorities.

If you are in an accident, contact a bicycle accident attorney immediately.


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