Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Reasons Hiring A Social Security Lawyer Reduces Stress

by Susie Torres

Bills require money to come in, and they do not care if you have a disability. The government provides a great asset to people who find themselves unable to work through Social Security. However, the ability to obtain these benefits when you need them is a struggle. The government attempts to explain who is qualified and who is not. You will find that many times, it is a better idea to hire a lawyer.

How to Qualify for Social Security

The three main qualifiers for being able to have claims granted by the government include:

  • Have a medical condition that meets qualifications set by the government
  • Must have worked jobs that have Social Security taken out
  • Must have worked for over a year

While these qualifications are the set requirements, they all have other stipulations that make it possible to receive money if you do not immediately qualify. Your claim is also only valid until you can work again and will transfer to retirement benefits.

Disability Qualifications

Everything depends on you having a disability that meets the government's specifications, so what do they view as a disability? First, you cannot work in the same capacity as you did before your injury. Secondly, they will want to see if you cannot work in the same field and are unable to transfer to a different industry. When they look at your work, even if you have had a reduction in ability, you must make less than $1,170/month to qualify. Finally, Social Security automatically assumes you have savings, short-term disability, and worker's compensation that will cover you for an extended period.

There are also some special conditions that can affect whether you qualify, including the following:

  • Blind or visual medical diagnosis
  • Widow(er) to a worker
  • Disabled child (or an adult child living under your care)
  • Wounded veteran

When to Contact a Lawyer

With the massive number of stipulations put on by the government, hiring the assistance of a lawyer is ideal. Most offer a free consultation and can help you apply for disability, which is a benefit due to the legal terms. They know exact requirements, but they also know how to fight for you if initially denied compensation. Finally, lawyers are the best asset if you need disability expedited due to financial situations. Many people are forced to wait for months before a claim is processed, leading to more problems with falling behind with bills. Attorneys are not required for obtaining Social Security, but they are a tool for reducing overall stress in the process.

Contact a Social Security Disability lawyer today for more information.


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