Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

2 Major Causes Of Rollover Car Accidents

by Susie Torres

Rollover accidents occur in only 3% of road accidents but account for almost 30% of deaths in car crashes. If you get injured in a rollover accident that wasn't your fault, an automobile accident attorney can help you file a car accident claim to cover any expenses you incur.

Here are two major causes of rollover accidents. 

High Speed

Speed contributes significantly to rollover accidents. Excessive speed limits the reaction time if an object or another vehicle suddenly emerges on the road. As a motorist swerves to avoid a collision, their car's center of gravity becomes imbalanced. Ultimately, the vehicle rolls over.

A rollover accident also happens if a driver speeds in a curve. If they take a sharp turn at high speed, they throw off the vehicle's center of gravity, and the car tips over. High speeds around turns also raise tire friction with the road, which increases the chances of rollovers. The impact can cause the passengers to be ejected out and suffer grievous injuries or even death.

In addition, if a car rolls over and enters your lane as you drive, it might collide with your car and leave you with severe injuries. The expenses you incur from treatment can be overwhelming, so contact an auto accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.  

Poor Road Conditions or Faulty Equipment

Rollover accidents are common on rural roads and highways due to the lack of safety features available on busy highways. Less developed rural roadways contain loose gravel and pavement defects. A rollover can happen if a vehicle hits a pothole at high speed. 

As a car owner, you may already understand why it is crucial to maintain your vehicle regularly to avoid tire failure. A driver may not regain control of their car when a tire bursts and a rollover may ensue.

Tire blowouts occur due to excess weight or uneven tread. Other causes of blowouts are: 

  • Underinflation. Low air pressure causes wear on the tire sides, and the tires blow out eventually.
  • Old tires. Highly deteriorated tires are susceptible to blowouts.

So, if you suspect that the at-fault driver might have neglected their vehicle, consider contacting an auto accident attorney to help you file a claim. If the evidence shows that you didn't cause the accident, an auto accident attorney can help you secure maximum compensation to cover lost income, medical costs, and other losses incurred. 


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