Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

How The Court Determines The Wrongdoer In A Disputed Car Accident Claim

by Susie Torres

A guilty verdict in a vehicle collision case has serious consequences. For this reason, the parties involved tend to shift blame to each other. It's not uncommon for the drivers to give conflicting information based on what suits them best. For example, you might feel the accident resulted from the other driver's carelessness, but they could also point the finger at you. Such disputes make it hard to determine who caused the crash. You'll need to seek help from an auto accident attorney to prove your innocence. Usually, the court determines the wrongdoer using several guidelines, including the following: 

They Evaluate What the Witnesses Said

The judge will want to get an opinion of a person who has no interest in the case's outcome. Witnesses who saw what happened during the incident will likely give the right information because they don't have a stake in the case. That explains the importance of getting several witnesses at the accident scene. They can testify for you in court to prove that the other driver was negligent. The jury will favor you if the witnesses' statements are coherent and consistent. 

However, you must ensure that your witnesses are credible. Ideally, a reliable witness provides an account of the entire incident, from the beginning to the end. Besides that, you must ensure they weren't intoxicated when witnessing the accident. You need to verify these facts before the trial date because the judge might not allow an unqualified witness to testify for you in court. Typically, your lawyer will evaluate witness statements and verify their credibility to ensure that they meet the required threshold.

They Evaluate the Report the Police Prepared

The police report helps the jury and judge determine the person who caused the accident. They rely on this report because they believe that officers are neutral witnesses and they will give an honest opinion. In most cases, the judge believes whatever the report states.

Therefore, you must give investigators the right information and confirm that they put it down accurately. Your attorney might request the report before the trial day to fish out errors if any. Then, they may dispute the information in the report if the police have wrongly accused you of causing the collision.

The court will use the two pieces of evidence above to determine who is at fault in a car crash. But to gather sufficient evidence to present to the court, you'll need to engage a car accident lawyer in your lawsuit. Someone like William A. AndyLaw may be able to provide more information regarding this topic.


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