Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

Trucking Accidents: What Vehicle Drivers Must Know

by Susie Torres

Many people depend on the trucking industry for the things they need. However, when passenger vehicles share the road with large trucks, things can get dangerous. Truckers are not always skilled and fit to drive. Read on and find out more.

Trucking Difficulties

The nature of the job can cause problems. Many of those problems are directly connected to accidents and injuries for those in passenger vehicles. Here are just a few issues that can mean danger on the roads for others:

  • Drivers may be running behind schedule. It can be difficult to deal with delays on the road. Truckers must be on time for pick-ups and deliveries and still cope with road conditions, traffic concerns, and more. This can cause truckers to drive above the speed limit. A large speeding vehicle like an 18-wheeler can wreak havoc on smaller vehicles.
  • Drivers may also be tired. Though laws regulate how long truckers can be on the road, many truckers drive while tired and sleepy. It only takes a moment of inattention for an accident to happen.
  • They may be impaired. Boredom and fatigue can cause truckers to consume medications and alcohol while they are driving. This type of behavior has obvious consequences for others on the road.
  • They are driving heavy vehicles. When a smaller passenger car is involved in a wreck with a semi, the passenger vehicle is no match for the size and weight of the semi.

What Victims Can Do

Not all truckers are tired, impaired, or careless. After all, they will also be negatively affected by an accident. However, when an accident does occur, victims of the trucker need to know what to do. Trucking companies are extremely aggressive in fighting claims by passenger vehicle drivers and passengers. They have a team of legal professionals ready to defend their company and you should be ready too.

Seek immediate medical treatment. If you develop more symptoms in the days or weeks after the accident, get more treatment. Follow your doctor's orders and seek follow-up care as needed. Your medical treatment is of prime importance in being paid the compensation you deserve from the trucking company.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The truck driver will be represented by a legal team, and you will need help to make sure you don't get stuck taking the blame for an accident you did not cause. For more information, contact a truck accident lawyer near you.


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Learning How To Recover

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