Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

How Can You Defend Yourself If You're Facing Prosecution Because Your Dog Attacked Someone? Find Out

by Susie Torres

A pet can be fun to hang around with and keep you company while you undertake different activities. However, they can also get you into trouble with the authorities, particularly if your dog injures someone. After the attack, the wronged party can sue you and demand that you compensate them. This article examines the consequences you may face due to your canine attacking. It will also guide you on the measures you can take to defend yourself with the help of an attorney.

The Risk of Prosecution After a Canine Attack

The canine owner is usually found to be the main culprit if their animal attacks someone. Therefore, there is a possibility that you will face prosecution if your dog causes harm. This includes instances where your canine attacks a trespasser on your property. In such a case, the plaintiff might argue that you had not installed warning signs around the premise indicating that your dog could hurt them. You may also face the law for disobeying dog laws or letting your dog run loose.

These offenses could lead to severe punishment for you. In addition, the judge may order you to compensate the complainant for their losses. They might also order quarantine for your canine if it is found to be a threat to the community. Nonetheless, you can successfully fight the charges you're facing and avoid getting a harsh judgment. This is especially so if you hire a dog-bite attorney to defend you. They will know what arguments to raise to prove that the complainant was partly or fully responsible for the attack.

Measures to Take After Your Canine Bites Someone

If your dog bites and causes harm, it is important to take immediate steps to avoid a court case. Avoid getting confrontational or accusing the victim of provoking your animal because doing so might invoke the victim's anger, and they might decide to sue you. The wiser way to deal with the issue is by being calm and cordial while speaking with the victim. You also need to cooperate when they ask for your contact details and homeowners insurance information.

On your end, you need to gather actionable evidence that will help you defend yourself. This includes pictures of their injuries before treatment. It will also help to obtain witness statements from people who witnessed the incident. A copy of your dog's vaccination record will also be useful when your attorney is preparing your defense.

You are responsible for ensuring that your dog does not bite people or other pets. Unfortunately, your canine might still attack regardless of taking the necessary measures. If this happens, contact a dog bite attorney law firm such as Adler Law Group, LLC. They can help defend you to prove that you are not obligated to take responsibility for the losses resulting from your dog's attack.


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