Learning How To Recover

Learning How To Recover

How Will Your Legal Advisor Use Witness Statements From A Collision To Prove Your Claim? Find Out

by Susie Torres

When you contact a legal advisor after getting into a collision, they will ask you to take certain essential steps. In almost all cases, one of them is getting the contact details of the people who saw a driver hitting your vehicle. Note that they will ask you to do this so they can contact potential witnesses to get essential facts about your crash when putting together a case against the wrongdoer. Your legal advisor will then use their statements to prove your claim in the following ways.

They Will Use Then to Establish Important Facts

Some collisions happen so fast that the people involved are unsure of what happened. As a result, they give different versions of how the crash happened and who was in the wrong. You should know that this can be confusing, and it might make it challenging to determine the main culprit. In addition, if the motorist who hit you accuses you of being partly at fault, you might not recover all the payments you deserve.

In such a case, statements of people who saw the crash can be critical in establishing important facts about the crash. For instance, they will explain that they saw the wrongdoer hitting you at a stop. They can also tell the court that the driver who hit you turned left without checking whether there was oncoming traffic. Note that the judge will weigh the witnesses' information and consider it when delivering their verdict. Often, courts consider witness statements as evidence because they have no stake in the case's outcome. Therefore, they can help to absorb you of wrongdoing and enable you to get your rightful payment.

How Your Attorney Will Prepare for Your Claim

Your witnesses can only be useful if their statements are clear and straightforward. Therefore, your attorney will interview them before your claim commences to ensure that their statements will be helpful for your case. Further, your lawyer will ask the witnesses specific questions that will enable them to get information to prove essential legal facts. They will then review the statements to ensure they are credible and consistent. In addition, they will evaluate the strength of your claim and anticipate potential defenses. Ultimately, this will enable them to determine the arguments they will raise in court to prove wrongdoing.

If you suffer severe injuries after a driver hits you, get the contact details of the people who saw the incident. Then, provide the information to a car accident attorney so that they can contact them and record their statements. This way, your legal advisor will build a strong case that will enable you to get justice.


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